What new features in the iPhone X make it a better option than iphone 8?

Apple iPhone X

Since Apple launched the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X at the same time I’m sure many of you are probably still confused whether you should just upgrade to an iPhone 8 and save some bucks or just get an iPhone X with your fingers crossed hoping that the myth about it is a lie and im sure you know about the word thats been on the streets for those who are not aware well there is a myth that both of these smart phones don’t have many differences and getting an iPhone X is probably a mistake but don’t you worry today in this article im going to speak from my own personal experience since I was myself stuck in making the same choice and after alot of advice I finally got myself the iPhone X since it was also obvious that if there was no difference at all why would Apple bother launching two separate models and honestly I also personally thought that X sounded a bit cool and now that I have used the new iPhone X for some time now I can most certainly help you with making your decision and before saying anything I would want to let you know that it was a big fat lie that there’s no difference in both the smartphones and I personally am so thankful to everyone who suggested me to get an iPhone X because it is an amazing phone now the question is what new features make it better than the iPhone 8 or any of the other previous models starting with the first one on my list and also one of my favorites

1. Face recognition

With the new iPhone X also comes the expansion of Apple’s Face ID and the ability to make your face your password. Face ID is incredibly advanced facial recognition biometrics. Just glance at the phone, and it unlocks. Trust me guys my life has gotten so much easier since the day i got the iphone X and was introduced to this amazing feature it doesnt matter whether you are driving or just out for a jog you domt have to hassle with putting the lock code every five minutes because just a glance at the screen and your iphone will automatically recognise your face and unlock instantly and the best part is that even if its night time or you are wearing your sunglasses it would still recognise your face and before you even know its already unlocked but dont worry no matter what another person except you does to try and unlock your iphone they would fail everytime i mean its simply flawless.

2. Display

Another major difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the display. The iPhone 8 has an LCD Retina display, which you may be familiar with from the earlier models . Retina display is a term developed by Apple to refer to a display that has such a high resolution and pixel density that a person can’t discern the individual pixels at a regular viewing distance. On the other hand the iPhone X uses completely new display technology with its stunning OLED display extending from edge to edge. OLED provides far better contrast than any other display and it also supports HDR video also the pixel density of the OLED display is so high that calling it Retina isn’t enough which is why Apple refers to it as “Super Retina” . When both the displays were compared the iPhone X emerges as the clear winner because its colours are rich, the text looks sharp and the black is so black that it’s truly mesmerising.

3. Front Camera

The iPhone 8 Plus has an improved version of the traditional FaceTime camera which is the same as the one that came with the earlier iPhones. It takes 7 megapixel photos and records 1080p video but on the other hand the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera other than providing all the features listed above it provides much more. The iPhone X is unlocked using Face ID which recognises the user’s face and the TrueDepth camera has special sensors to secure the facial recognition. A few examples of these are an infrared camera that sees you in the dark, a proximity sensor, a flood illuminator and a dot projector that helps make a 3D map of your face to make sure it’s you , not just a photo of you. The TrueDepth technology is located in the little notch at top of the iPhone X’s display and not only does it provide exceptional features for taking selfies it also supports Portrait mode photos and Portrait Lighting which only the rear camera was capable of in all earlier models of iPhone.

4. Difference in image stabilisation Theres another minor difference in both iphones it is that the iphone x has dual optical image stabilization meaning it works on both of the rear lenses while on the other hand the iphone 8 has just optical image stabilization . I hope this article helps you in making the decision and if you ask me personally i would opt for the iphone x without thinking twice .

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