Top 5 iPhone apps that will boost your productivity

Hello beautiful people I’m back with another interesting article for you guys and before I start off with it I want to let you guys know that all the apps I’m going to mention in this post are not copied from any rating site infact the reason why I’m mentioning them here is because all of them helped me boost my own productivity and all that I say is from my personal experience in other words I strictly believe in giving honest reviews no matter what they’re about. If I’m letting my audience know that they are helpful and amazing apps I will very well make sure that I also mean it simply because I care for the time you invest in reading my content. Anyways I think I’ve made my point so let’s start with the first productivity app on my list

1. G board by Google (free)

G board is not just an ordinary keyboard infact it has proven to be a blessing for everyone who had to go through the hassle of typing long and lengthy paragraphs with their phones but this app by Google has made it so much easier and fun with it’s amazing features from which my favorite is glide typing which basically means that you can glide your finger from letter to letter and trust me when I say I can now write a 300 words article in just a few minutes which could have never been possible before Gboard came into my life. Well this was just one of the amazing features there are plenty more like Google search built in it and you can search anything from Google right from your keyboard no changing apps also hundreds of gifs and stickers and not to forget that it can be used mostly anywhere in the world due to it supporting almost a hundred different languages.

2. Shortcuts (free)

Shortcuts is an all time favorite app of many iPhone users including myself . You might be wondering what it is capable of well the name speaks for itself basically with this app you can combine multiple short tasks or actions from within your phone or other apps and from all of them create a single shortcut which will run them altogether for you for example if you want to turn on airplane mode, do not disturb and start a podcast at the same time after creating a shortcut you can do all this with just one tap and what’s even better is that shortcuts integrates with Siri aswell so you can initiate shortcuts simply using your own voice .

3. Google Drive (free)

How can any best productivity apps list be complete without Google drive in it? It’s like a external hard drive for all your photos, audios, videos and documents infact it’s even better because you don’t actually have to carry that drive around with you wherever you go since it is easily accessible through the internet no matter where you are in the world all your files will be safe and sound in this cloud drive . You don’t have to worry about losing anything you have in your phone or your computer because Google drive will always be by your side with all your back ups in it.

4. True Caller (free)

Number four on my list is the true caller app. I’m sure that alot of you guys must be really annoyed by the spam calls and text messages you receive everyday since they are a major reason behind alot of your time being wasted . I know that must be very crucial for your daily productivity but don’t you worry I got some good news for you and it is the true caller app. True caller will not only identify but also block all spam incoming calls and texts auto -matically. What’s even better is that the true caller app also provides you the option of copy pasting any unknown mobile or landline number which it will search against it’s directory of over 250 million users and instantly provide you with the name and other contact info of that specific number.

5. Trello (free)

The last but definitely not the least app on my list is Trello. Trello is basically a visual tool which helps you organise your work and personal life both. It can be a very beneficial tool for project management, users can break big projects down in smaller chunks by creating cards for each task then cards can be arranged into columns which can represent different phases of a project. As tasks are accomplished cards can easily be dragged from one column to the next making this whole process a very convenient and effective one for every user.

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