Top 10 useful websites on the internet

Whenever there’s a discussion regarding the pros and cons of the internet everyone has their own different opinions.Mostly the older generation thinks that life used to be much better before the internet came into existence. On the other hand the younger generation of today totally disagrees to that. If you ask me I personally don’t disagree to the fact that there might be some disadvantages of the internet but trust me they are nothing compared to all the benefits it provides us with for eg easy access to information, thousands of useful websites etc

There’s no denying the fact that our lives are a lot more easier today just because the internet exists. There are all different kinds of websites on the internet but today I’m just going to share with you the ones that have proven to be very useful for me.

Useful websites

1. How stuff works

The first useful website on the list is also one of my personal favorites and is called how stuff works. It’s a source of unbiased, reliable and easy to understand explanations of how the world that we live in actually works.

2. Quora

I’m sure most of you are aware of Quora and how useful it is but for those who don’t know about it well it’s basically a place to share and gain knowledge. It is also a platform where people post questions and then get answers from all kinds of people on the internet. Some of those people are even professional and others are just random.

3. Chalk Street

Chalk Street has proven to be very helpful to me over the years. It is basically a very interesting website which provides you with a number of high quality and useful courses from some of the best teachers. They offer all kinds of courses whether you want to learn graphic designing, app development or just need to enhance your personal development skills. What I like the most about this platform is that they offer most of the courses to you for free and only some are paid .

4. TED

No list of useful websites can be complete without having TED in it.TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. TED is a media organisation that invites successful and inspiring people from all around the world to give talks which are also posted online for the whole world to see. The people who are invited talk about their lives, their success journey , the problems they faced to get where they are today etc. TED talks have inspired and helped alot of people around the world. If you still haven’t visited their website your’e missing out on alot so go and check them out.

5. Canva

If you are into graphic design then Canva is for you. It’s basically a website and online tool on which you can simply design t-shirts , ebook covers, FB covers, YouTube banners , blog graphics , business cards and alot more. The best part is that you can do all of this without spending a single penny isn’t it amazing?

6. Priv Note

Priv note is an amazingly useful website for anyone who wants to send someone a private message. No need to worry about the other person taking a screen shot or saving it to use it against you. Privnote lets you send a note to anyone you like and right after they read it will self destruct. This way there will be no proof that it ever existed , cool no? .

7. Two foods

This is the perfect website for you if you are diet conscious and live to eat healthy. This free online tool let’s you put the names of any two different types of food and click compare. It will instantly provide you with an accurate comparison between the two foods. That way you could easily figure out what will be a healthier choice to eat.

8. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website that offers you all types of beautiful and high quality images which you can instantly download and use for any of your projects. The best part about unsplash is that it’s totally free and also the best platform that contains tens of thousands of stock images.

9. What runs

What runs is also one of my personal favorites . If you guys also have a passion for creating websites or blogs you have to check it out. Have you ever visited a website that you simply love and wonder how it was built? Well don’t worry because what runs will exactly tell you that. You heard that right now you can discover the technologies that run any website with just a click of a button .

10. Is it normal

You probably didn’t know that this website even existed. Do you like to dip french fries in ice cream? Is it normal will help you understand whether your thoughts,feelings and urges are normal or weird and unique to you. You can ask all kinds of questions including embarrassing ones and wait for the community to weigh in their thoughts.

My list of the top 10 useful websites on the internet comes to an end and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up if you liked any of these websites.

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