Top 5 WTF facts of all times

Hello everyone , As I wasn’t able to post all day today I decided to write about a topic that I’m pretty sure will entertain you guys . It’s basically about some really strange and fun facts that most of us know as or call WTF facts and you already know what that means so please don’t ask. (P.S All the facts mentioned in this list are totally legit)

1) Immortals among us

The first one on my list actually freaks me out since I never knew about it just until last year when I confirmed from numerous reliable sources that it was true for real. Would you guys believe of someone tells you that being immortal is not only a thing in the movies . Yes that’s true that humans are mortal but it doesn’t mean everything else is too infact there are two of them that we have known about all our lives but didn’t know about this mystery. I’m taking about the jelly fish and the lobster both these sea creatures never die ofcourse unless they are killed on purpose.

2) Incredible brain

This one is truly one of my all time favorites since it’s always interesting to find out such facts about your own mind. What’s even more amazing is that after reading this one you will realize that the the human brain does not recognize a second ‘the’.

3) 6 lives

Do you guys know that myth we used to hear back in childhood days that there is someone in another part of the world and they are fully identical to you. Honestly I thought it was just a joke and people taking advantage of us being kids but no it’s actually true but instead of just one there are six other people to be accurate in some part of the world who like exactly the same as we do and there is a 9 percent chance that you will alreast meet or cross paths with one of them in your whole lifetime.

Poor cat thought only they are allowed to have multiple lives 😛

4. The ring finger

How many of you guys know about the secret behind our ring finger. I’m going to share with those who don’t know and those who did do comment saying been there done that. Anyways the ring finger also the fourth finger of your left hand is where we usually put on the rings at the time of engagement with our loved ones but why is that we choose that specific finger out of all? It’s because that is the only finger that has a vein connecting to our heart. I thought this was more cute than wtf kind.

5. Glasses at a museum

We all know that no WTF facts list is complete without a funny one in it and I honestly live to make others happy so here it is. Two teenagers once decided to put a pair of glasses as a prank at the San Francisco art museum and silly people started admiring the glasses thinking it was modern art, pondered it’s meaning and even took pictures of it.

I hope that my top 5 WTF facts list was fun to read and if you liked it do leave a big thumbs up and follow my blog. Thanks for reading.

Top 5 most common mental disorders in humans

First of all I’m going to share with you guys a common misconception among many of us. We have always tried to pretend like mental disorders are rare but no matter how much we try to ignore them they are real. If I was to tell you how many people in this world are diagnosed with mental disorders annually you would be surprised.

Most often we are so concerned about our physical health and well being that we almost forget about our mental health. There are also many cases in which the person knows he/she has such symptoms that relate to a certain mental disorder but they still keep lying to themselves because they are too scared of even accepting the possibility of being sick. You might be wondering why would anyone in their senses do something like that well the answer is pretty simple it’s because of the fear of being judged and not accepted by others.

I think it’s pretty sad that instead of making someone who is going through a bad phase feel better we make things even worse for them. I mean how can we forget that if they are in that place today we could also be in the same place or even worse tomorrow. Someone wise once said ‘Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. I think I’ve said allot more than I had to so without wasting any time let’s start off with the very first mental disorder on my list of the top five most common mental health disorders

1. Phobia

Number one on my list of the most common mental disorders it’s phobia. Now what exactly is a phobia? Phobia is an anxiety disorder involving irrational and persistent fear of an object or situation that lasts for more than six months. This condition could also trigger panic attacks. Now there are three kinds of phobias number one being specific phobia which is defined as the fear of animals or objects. Another type is agoraphobia which is defined as the fear of leaving home or a small safe area. The last type of phobia is a social phobia in which the person diagnosed would have a fear of the society or other people judging you.

2. Depression

Depression also known as a major depressive disorder is a very common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and the way you act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and a load of interest in activities that you once used to enjoy. What makes depression even more dangerous is the fact that most people take it too lightly . Many of them don’t even bother consulting a psychiatrist until it gets too late. 2 – 7 % of adults diagnosed with depression commit suicide . Other symptoms include low self esteem , low energy, guilt, isolation and sleeping disorder.

3. Bipolar

Bipolar is a mental disorder which is characterised by unusual mood swings . Someone diagnosed with this disorder often experiences shifts between elevated moods which are known as highs or periods of mania and lows which are known as periods of depression. In periods of mania you may experience symptoms such as high energy, loss of touch with reality and reduced need for sleep on the other hand in depressive periods you may experience low energy, low motivation and loss of interest.


ADHD is the short term for attention deficit hyper activity disorder. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder in children. This disorder makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. Even though the symptoms of ADHD begin in childhood it can continue in adolescence and adulthood. Some of the most common symptoms of ADHD include interrupting, unfinished tasks, fidgetiness and lack of focus.

5. Panic disorder

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder and is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide. It is characterised by sudden episodes of fear and panic attacks which typically last about ten minutes or so. The most common symptoms of a panic disorder are sweating, shaking, palpitations, rapid heart beat, numbness and shortness of breath.

Written by : Ahmed Shah