Top 5 WTF facts of all times

Hello everyone , As I wasn’t able to post all day today I decided to write about a topic that I’m pretty sure will entertain you guys . It’s basically about some really strange and fun facts that most of us know as or call WTF facts and you already know what that means so please don’t ask. (P.S All the facts mentioned in this list are totally legit)

1) Immortals among us

The first one on my list actually freaks me out since I never knew about it just until last year when I confirmed from numerous reliable sources that it was true for real. Would you guys believe of someone tells you that being immortal is not only a thing in the movies . Yes that’s true that humans are mortal but it doesn’t mean everything else is too infact there are two of them that we have known about all our lives but didn’t know about this mystery. I’m taking about the jelly fish and the lobster both these sea creatures never die ofcourse unless they are killed on purpose.

2) Incredible brain

This one is truly one of my all time favorites since it’s always interesting to find out such facts about your own mind. What’s even more amazing is that after reading this one you will realize that the the human brain does not recognize a second ‘the’.

3) 6 lives

Do you guys know that myth we used to hear back in childhood days that there is someone in another part of the world and they are fully identical to you. Honestly I thought it was just a joke and people taking advantage of us being kids but no it’s actually true but instead of just one there are six other people to be accurate in some part of the world who like exactly the same as we do and there is a 9 percent chance that you will alreast meet or cross paths with one of them in your whole lifetime.

Poor cat thought only they are allowed to have multiple lives 😛

4. The ring finger

How many of you guys know about the secret behind our ring finger. I’m going to share with those who don’t know and those who did do comment saying been there done that. Anyways the ring finger also the fourth finger of your left hand is where we usually put on the rings at the time of engagement with our loved ones but why is that we choose that specific finger out of all? It’s because that is the only finger that has a vein connecting to our heart. I thought this was more cute than wtf kind.

5. Glasses at a museum

We all know that no WTF facts list is complete without a funny one in it and I honestly live to make others happy so here it is. Two teenagers once decided to put a pair of glasses as a prank at the San Francisco art museum and silly people started admiring the glasses thinking it was modern art, pondered it’s meaning and even took pictures of it.

I hope that my top 5 WTF facts list was fun to read and if you liked it do leave a big thumbs up and follow my blog. Thanks for reading.

Top 5 saddest realities about life

Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you some harsh realities about our life that almost everyone is aware of but still not many people want to talk about because we want to stay stress free and happy in the moment but the bitter truth is that life is not all about rainbows and butterflies infact its more like a coin one side of it are the good times and the other side are the bad times and futher in this post im going to share with you guys according to me the top five saddest realities of life 

1. Starting with the first one which is that most people who will promise to stay in your life and wont leave your side through thick and thin will leave you over a ripple so dont keep expectations from everyone who claims to be sincere because that would just lead to you being hurt sooner or later and only a few very rare people who actually care for you will stand by you when the time comes usually your blood relations

2. Another sad reality about life is that even though all of us were constantly told not to compete with other people and their lives and that’s also what we teach our kids that they should focus on their own lives and journey but the bitter truth is that life itself is a constant competition and practically everything you do will, at some point, be evaluated and will place you in a certain role in society and no matter how much you try to ignore competition it will always be there for example if there is a decent, high-paying job that is somewhat close to where you live also has a lot of benefits and fits very well with you as a person the chances are that someone else also wants that job just like that if there is a decent university that specializes in your field, has a low tuition, and is close to your home, that you want to attend the chances are someone else also wants the same position just like that if you love a person and they are charming sweet and overall perfect for you and even if you hook up with them successfully still there will always be that someone else wanting to steal them from you and I know it’s sad but also inevitable. 

3. The third sad reality about life is that we almost always fall in love with someone who doesnt love us back and I have always found this to be weird just until last year when it happened to me the same thing I blamed other people for and used to think that it was their own mistake but little did I know that someone like me who had always made sensible life choices would also fall for someone who doesnt have the same feelings for me but atleast now I can share the reason why that happens to us well its because of human nature do you guys know that if you like someone and you ask them out on a date and they say yes the first time or you know that they are a easy catch for you this will automatically make you think that you are somehow superior to them and can get them anytime you want whats weird is that the same person if gives you a hard time or doesnt like you back at all in that case you would take it on your self esteem and as a challenge and that is what makes us fall in love with them I know its stupid but its true we fall in love with the people who hurt us and dont like us in return.

4. The fourth one on my list and one of the worse realities about life is that no matter what everyone tells you but the fact is that even before we are even born mostly our whole life ahead and our fate is already determined by factors that are not even in our control like kind of person you grow up to be whether you end up rich or poor. These factors continually shape you as a person, making you choose the decisions that you do. The same action done by two different people will have different outcomes in other words life is not fair when your life is shit, you can’t ‘fix’ everything just like that in spite of having free will. If we were truly free we would have no suffering for example The short, ugly boy born to short, ugly parents will never make it as a model, while his good looking peers easily could if they wanted to.

5. The last but not the least harsh reality on my list is that no matter what we tell ourselves about money being not important than relations and that not everyone is the same and some people dont care about the money and are not gold diggers well I personally think thats bullshit because sooner or later every person in this world gets greedy and values money and financial value more than their own family its not a secret to the world that the earning member of the house is considered much more valuable in the eyes of their family compared to others and if youre going through a bad phase and arent able to fulfill their financial needs whether its your parents or your spouse none of them would respect you