Lessons I learned in my 20’s which I wish I had known earlier

  • Hello everyone , for those of you who might not know well currently I’m in my twenties infact I just turned 25 last month. This post is about the lessons I learned after turning twenty in other words which I learned in the last five years of my life. I also wish I had known them earlier in life that way I could have saved myself alot of trouble . Anyways I have no regrets and I believe that everything happens for a reason , it’s still better late than never . Those who are young and reading this Im sure that you guys can benefit from these facts or lessons about our life so let’s start shall we?
  • 1. Life doesn’t wait for anyone, it goes on

    The first lesson on my list is that life doesn’t stop for anyone no matter how famous or rich they are there’s no way around life. You need to know that your problems are only your problems and other people might show sympathy or pretend like they can feel you and are upset for what you’re going through but that’s mostly just out of courtesy probably to get along with you and in reality no one really cares about what you are feeling and why , yes there might be some people and by some I mean the very few people that are really close to you and only they might genuinely care for you for example your blood relations . You also need to learn that there might be difficult times but always remember that life is like a coin and it also has two sides a good and a bad one. Learn to be strong in the bad phases of life and remind yourself that the world has no pity for you and that time doesn’t stop for anyone either keep up or get left behind

    2. Choose a profession that you are passionate about

    The second lesson on my list plays a major role in determining where you are going to stand financially in the years to come. We have been brain fed since we are little children in schools till the day we graduate from University to only focus on our grades and if someone doesn’t want to be a doctor or engineer our society starts considering them below average and even a no brainer. I don’t really get how is someone who is passionate about some other field of profession take for example media or journalism any less than a doctor or engineer ? This pressure is the reason many students are forced to commit suicide every year and it’s sad how in such modern times our thinking is the same as it was a couple hundred years ago. I believe that a person who is passionate about another profession can be more successful in that specific field compared to If they were to be a doctor or a scientist.

    We as a society need to do something about this thinking and move on from it so everyone can do whatever they love to do or have a passion for that way I can guarantee more examples of success than failures in the upcoming years

    3. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistake than your own

    There is this saying that I’ve heard multiple times from a number of people and I’m sure you might have heard it too coming from someone atleast once in your life it is that ‘we should learn from our mistakes and I used to believe in it myself and thought it was a wise advice for years . Now let me tell you something since the past couple of years I started feeling a bit mature and also started realising how this world really is a cruel place so I decided to myself that I will listen to what everyone has to say but will only do what my brain or inner instinct tells me to do. During this phase I also discovered that rather than learning from my own mistakes why not try avoiding them in the first place and learn from the mistakes of those who have been in the same place as I am today . You know this happens alot , sometimes we even know deep inside us that doing a certain thing would do us harm and doing something else would do us good but we just choose to completely ignore the facts like we are somehow going to dodge the bullet that many people before us couldn’t it’s just part of human nature to consider ourselves better than the ones who came and left before us . In other words everyone knows that smoking or substance abuse could kill them sooner or later but still no one really seems to care and just ignores it until something serious really does happen. How stupid can we be?

    I believe that rather than waiting to make the same mistake others made before us and learning from it after suffering from negative consequences why not take a look at some facts from the past and learn from the mistakes that were made by people before us so we can avoid repeating them that way we won’t have to experience the same consequences win win situation.

    4. It’s not truly necessary to go to the gym in order to stay fit

    We have been brain fed ever since we hit puberty that in order to stay fit and in shape we need to join the gym. I myself shared the same belief until I was tired of trying to lift weight. I was always inspired with Arnold and wanted to build some muscles but little did I know that the way I was trying to achieve that was simply unethical. Would you believe that I have tried to go to the gym 7 times every year once from the age of 13 till 18. The last and the seventh time I had promised myself if it doesn’t work this time I quit and will assume it’s just not my thing. Once again after going for a month barely five days a week I was done and couldn’t bare with the cramps and body aches. I had lost all hope but two years ago I was reading this article from someone who is really smart and fit too. I’m thankful to that person because of what I learned from him . It made so much sense when he said that the reason more than eighty percent of us fail starting off with hardcore exercises at the gym from the very beginning is because our muscles are weak at first. I realised he was right and I was skinny and no matter what I did I didn’t lose or gain weight. He also said that for the first month try only stretches and that’s what I did started off with full body stretches and today it’s a whole year I have muscles and am quite close to having a six pack . After a month of stretching the same gym exercises were like a walk in the park not a single cramp. I can’t believe that now I enjoy going to the gym what seemed like a punishment before . I hope you get my point since it’s an important lesson and mistake most people make.

    5. Stop expecting from others

    The last but surely not the least important lesson I learnt in my twenties is to never keep expectations from just anyone who pretends to be close to you. Do you know that almost every person has been decieved or hurt by someone they knew. What I’m trying to say here is that if we stop and think for a second someone who we don’t know or care for can not even hurt us. Only the people in our life and the ones we choose to trust and expect from can hurt us. We give the keys to them ourselves so please before trusting or expecting from someone be a hundred percent sure that they are worth it because they will either take advantage of you or play with your feelings and one day sooner or later leave you hurting.

    Top 5 lifestyle changes that will help you live longer

    Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you some very important lifestyle changes. If you make these changes you will definitely get healthier and will also improve your overall life. I know that because Ive tried this method myself and am speaking from my personal experience. Soon after you adjust these lifestyle habits in your daily routine you will start seeing the benefits.

    Healthy diet

    1. Healthy eating habits

    Starting with the first thing we need to focus on changing is our eating habits and the problem with this one is that most of us don’t even realise what we are doing wrong and that’s not entirely our fault because most of the modern food chains or companies are deceiving us by portraying unhealthy food as healthy and we need to be more aware of what we are eating and how it is affecting us and I’m not asking you to count every calorie or stop eating a certain food type what I’m suggesting is to keep the quality in mind and try to eat more of what is healthy for you and nourishing for your body . Another thing I want you to know is that it’s never too late even if you have gained some wait. You can easily lose all the extra weight by going on a keto diet which is one of the most famous and successful ways to lose weight. If you are wondering where you can get it from well don’t worry here’s the link to the ‘ Best kito diet plan ever.


    2. Exercise

    The second change which can have a huge positive impact on our life is to start exercising regularly and let me tell you something that most people do they relate exercise with going to the gym and when they are not able to cope up with the pressure of lifting heavy weights daily they also fail to build a long-term habit of exercise. Don’t make that mistake guys because gym is not the only solution you can always start small like I did by just adding a simple body weight workout or search for online yoga for beginners and taking one step at a time and seeing the magic happen for yourself when the positive results come after a while.


    3. Socialise More

    The third change that’s necessary for a longer life span is to be more social and try to maintain a healthy network of friends and family. Researchers report that maintaining healthy social networks can help you live up to 50% longer in fact, having as few as 3 social ties may decrease your risk of early death . Many studies also link healthy social networks to positive changes in heart, brain, hormonal and immune function, which may decrease the risk of chronic diseases and might also help you react less negatively to stress.

    Choose water instead of unhealthy beverages

    4. Staying hydrated

    The fourth change that can have a positive impact on our overall life is drinking more water regularly. We all know how important water is for our well being but still most of us don’t do much about improving our drinking habits. Water literally helps us with almost everything related to our overall health just to name a few benefits for example it helps us maintain our body fluids , weight loss , it helps boost our metabolism, cleanse our body of waste, acts as an appetite suppressant , refreshes our muscles , glows our skin and the list goes on so from now on drink more water and live a longer healthier life.


    5. Leave your comfort zones

    The last but not the least change we need to make is to get out of our house or comfort zone for atleast once every day. I’ve witnessed that many people don’t get out of their house or bed only unless they really have to and that’s something very harmful to our health because in that case our body gets deprived of fresh air and oxygen which is very important for us and not to forget the sun and all that vitamin d we miss while we are to lazy to get out from bed so from now on we need to promise ourselves to get out for atleast once everyday.