5 signs that your guy is just playing around with you

Hello everyone , Today I’m writing this one for all the girls out there. I’m a guy which is why I know how most guys are. I’m not saying there are no good guys left in this world because that is a lie. There also no denying the fact that nowadays girls are much more loyal and sincere than guys. Well don’t worry because I know exactly how play boys act around the girl they are playing around with. I’m sharing this with you because I believe that every woman should be treated with the respect she deserves. So today I bring you the top five signs that your guy is not serious about you and if I help and save even one girl from getting hurt badly in the future I will believe that I accomplished my goal.

Heart break
Top 5 signs that your guy is not serious about you
1. If he hates the idea of taking it slow

The first and a very obvious sign that he’s a play boy is that he wouldn’t like the idea of taking things slow and by things I mean the relationship . A guy who genuinely loves you would not care about such petty things and would worry about the bigger picture. In other words even if you tell him you don’t want to kiss him until marriage trust me he would be happy to respect whatever your opinion is. Someone who gets mad at you for not letting him kiss you or sleep with you is a guaranteed asshole. Now you know what to do when you see this red flag or sign in the future.

2. If he doesn’t want to introduce you to his family and friends

This is another serious red flag and sign you want to look for in your guy in order to get an idea of him. Guys who are not planning to have a future with you would obviously not want you to meet his parents and even his close friends . You might be wondering why is that well it’s because most of their parents are not aware of the evil a**holes they are. They won’t want to ruin their fake image introducing someone they don’t even plan to marry I hope you got my point.

3. If he is always on the phone even when he’s supposed to give time to you

A guy who likes to play with your feelings would do anything to keep you from finding out about his real intentions. If your guy is very protective about his phone and doesn’t let you hold it even if you want to make an important call that means he has something to hide. Along with that if he’s always talking to someone on call and when you ask him he comes up with different excuses every time then you need to be careful. I’m sure he would do his best to keep his phone with him at all times but you have to find a reason to get your hands on it somehow. Only then you would be sure and have something to make him confess to what he’s been doing. Try to stay away from such guys whenever you come across them so they don’t get a chance to lure you in a relationship with them.

4. He doesn’t get jealous or even seem to care if you go out with a guy friend

I know it’s important to trust your partner if you want a healthy relationship. Listen up its not that we don’t trust you when you go out for shopping or dinner with your guy best friend . If a guy is jealous of you going out with a guy friend it’s not because he’s over protective but that he loves you alot. He just doesn’t trust that guy you’re going with. To be honest he can’t even stand the thought of the love of his life out with someone else. So if your guy doesn’t care at all about you going out with your guy friends it’s because he doesn’t care and is not serious about you.

5. If you catch him staring at other girls very often even when you’re around

A guy who is serious about you and having a future with you will be lost in your love and to him no one else would mean more than you . Someone who checks out other women when you are with him clearly shows that he has no respect for you. He will leave you for another woman the first chance they get . I would say you recognise his intentions and get done with the likes of him ASAP before he gets a chance to hurt you .

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Top 5 saddest realities about life

Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you some harsh realities about our life that almost everyone is aware of but still not many people want to talk about because we want to stay stress free and happy in the moment but the bitter truth is that life is not all about rainbows and butterflies infact its more like a coin one side of it are the good times and the other side are the bad times and futher in this post im going to share with you guys according to me the top five saddest realities of life 

1. Starting with the first one which is that most people who will promise to stay in your life and wont leave your side through thick and thin will leave you over a ripple so dont keep expectations from everyone who claims to be sincere because that would just lead to you being hurt sooner or later and only a few very rare people who actually care for you will stand by you when the time comes usually your blood relations

2. Another sad reality about life is that even though all of us were constantly told not to compete with other people and their lives and that’s also what we teach our kids that they should focus on their own lives and journey but the bitter truth is that life itself is a constant competition and practically everything you do will, at some point, be evaluated and will place you in a certain role in society and no matter how much you try to ignore competition it will always be there for example if there is a decent, high-paying job that is somewhat close to where you live also has a lot of benefits and fits very well with you as a person the chances are that someone else also wants that job just like that if there is a decent university that specializes in your field, has a low tuition, and is close to your home, that you want to attend the chances are someone else also wants the same position just like that if you love a person and they are charming sweet and overall perfect for you and even if you hook up with them successfully still there will always be that someone else wanting to steal them from you and I know it’s sad but also inevitable. 

3. The third sad reality about life is that we almost always fall in love with someone who doesnt love us back and I have always found this to be weird just until last year when it happened to me the same thing I blamed other people for and used to think that it was their own mistake but little did I know that someone like me who had always made sensible life choices would also fall for someone who doesnt have the same feelings for me but atleast now I can share the reason why that happens to us well its because of human nature do you guys know that if you like someone and you ask them out on a date and they say yes the first time or you know that they are a easy catch for you this will automatically make you think that you are somehow superior to them and can get them anytime you want whats weird is that the same person if gives you a hard time or doesnt like you back at all in that case you would take it on your self esteem and as a challenge and that is what makes us fall in love with them I know its stupid but its true we fall in love with the people who hurt us and dont like us in return.

4. The fourth one on my list and one of the worse realities about life is that no matter what everyone tells you but the fact is that even before we are even born mostly our whole life ahead and our fate is already determined by factors that are not even in our control like kind of person you grow up to be whether you end up rich or poor. These factors continually shape you as a person, making you choose the decisions that you do. The same action done by two different people will have different outcomes in other words life is not fair when your life is shit, you can’t ‘fix’ everything just like that in spite of having free will. If we were truly free we would have no suffering for example The short, ugly boy born to short, ugly parents will never make it as a model, while his good looking peers easily could if they wanted to.

5. The last but not the least harsh reality on my list is that no matter what we tell ourselves about money being not important than relations and that not everyone is the same and some people dont care about the money and are not gold diggers well I personally think thats bullshit because sooner or later every person in this world gets greedy and values money and financial value more than their own family its not a secret to the world that the earning member of the house is considered much more valuable in the eyes of their family compared to others and if youre going through a bad phase and arent able to fulfill their financial needs whether its your parents or your spouse none of them would respect you