Top 5 most common mental disorders in humans

First of all I’m going to share with you guys a common misconception among many of us. We have always tried to pretend like mental disorders are rare but no matter how much we try to ignore them they are real. If I was to tell you how many people in this world are diagnosed with mental disorders annually you would be surprised.

Most often we are so concerned about our physical health and well being that we almost forget about our mental health. There are also many cases in which the person knows he/she has such symptoms that relate to a certain mental disorder but they still keep lying to themselves because they are too scared of even accepting the possibility of being sick. You might be wondering why would anyone in their senses do something like that well the answer is pretty simple it’s because of the fear of being judged and not accepted by others.

I think it’s pretty sad that instead of making someone who is going through a bad phase feel better we make things even worse for them. I mean how can we forget that if they are in that place today we could also be in the same place or even worse tomorrow. Someone wise once said ‘Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. I think I’ve said allot more than I had to so without wasting any time let’s start off with the very first mental disorder on my list of the top five most common mental health disorders

1. Phobia

Number one on my list of the most common mental disorders it’s phobia. Now what exactly is a phobia? Phobia is an anxiety disorder involving irrational and persistent fear of an object or situation that lasts for more than six months. This condition could also trigger panic attacks. Now there are three kinds of phobias number one being specific phobia which is defined as the fear of animals or objects. Another type is agoraphobia which is defined as the fear of leaving home or a small safe area. The last type of phobia is a social phobia in which the person diagnosed would have a fear of the society or other people judging you.

2. Depression

Depression also known as a major depressive disorder is a very common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and the way you act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and a load of interest in activities that you once used to enjoy. What makes depression even more dangerous is the fact that most people take it too lightly . Many of them don’t even bother consulting a psychiatrist until it gets too late. 2 – 7 % of adults diagnosed with depression commit suicide . Other symptoms include low self esteem , low energy, guilt, isolation and sleeping disorder.

3. Bipolar

Bipolar is a mental disorder which is characterised by unusual mood swings . Someone diagnosed with this disorder often experiences shifts between elevated moods which are known as highs or periods of mania and lows which are known as periods of depression. In periods of mania you may experience symptoms such as high energy, loss of touch with reality and reduced need for sleep on the other hand in depressive periods you may experience low energy, low motivation and loss of interest.


ADHD is the short term for attention deficit hyper activity disorder. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder in children. This disorder makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. Even though the symptoms of ADHD begin in childhood it can continue in adolescence and adulthood. Some of the most common symptoms of ADHD include interrupting, unfinished tasks, fidgetiness and lack of focus.

5. Panic disorder

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder and is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide. It is characterised by sudden episodes of fear and panic attacks which typically last about ten minutes or so. The most common symptoms of a panic disorder are sweating, shaking, palpitations, rapid heart beat, numbness and shortness of breath.

Written by : Ahmed Shah

Lessons I learned in my 20’s which I wish I had known earlier

  • Hello everyone , for those of you who might not know well currently I’m in my twenties infact I just turned 25 last month. This post is about the lessons I learned after turning twenty in other words which I learned in the last five years of my life. I also wish I had known them earlier in life that way I could have saved myself alot of trouble . Anyways I have no regrets and I believe that everything happens for a reason , it’s still better late than never . Those who are young and reading this Im sure that you guys can benefit from these facts or lessons about our life so let’s start shall we?
  • 1. Life doesn’t wait for anyone, it goes on

    The first lesson on my list is that life doesn’t stop for anyone no matter how famous or rich they are there’s no way around life. You need to know that your problems are only your problems and other people might show sympathy or pretend like they can feel you and are upset for what you’re going through but that’s mostly just out of courtesy probably to get along with you and in reality no one really cares about what you are feeling and why , yes there might be some people and by some I mean the very few people that are really close to you and only they might genuinely care for you for example your blood relations . You also need to learn that there might be difficult times but always remember that life is like a coin and it also has two sides a good and a bad one. Learn to be strong in the bad phases of life and remind yourself that the world has no pity for you and that time doesn’t stop for anyone either keep up or get left behind

    2. Choose a profession that you are passionate about

    The second lesson on my list plays a major role in determining where you are going to stand financially in the years to come. We have been brain fed since we are little children in schools till the day we graduate from University to only focus on our grades and if someone doesn’t want to be a doctor or engineer our society starts considering them below average and even a no brainer. I don’t really get how is someone who is passionate about some other field of profession take for example media or journalism any less than a doctor or engineer ? This pressure is the reason many students are forced to commit suicide every year and it’s sad how in such modern times our thinking is the same as it was a couple hundred years ago. I believe that a person who is passionate about another profession can be more successful in that specific field compared to If they were to be a doctor or a scientist.

    We as a society need to do something about this thinking and move on from it so everyone can do whatever they love to do or have a passion for that way I can guarantee more examples of success than failures in the upcoming years

    3. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistake than your own

    There is this saying that I’ve heard multiple times from a number of people and I’m sure you might have heard it too coming from someone atleast once in your life it is that ‘we should learn from our mistakes and I used to believe in it myself and thought it was a wise advice for years . Now let me tell you something since the past couple of years I started feeling a bit mature and also started realising how this world really is a cruel place so I decided to myself that I will listen to what everyone has to say but will only do what my brain or inner instinct tells me to do. During this phase I also discovered that rather than learning from my own mistakes why not try avoiding them in the first place and learn from the mistakes of those who have been in the same place as I am today . You know this happens alot , sometimes we even know deep inside us that doing a certain thing would do us harm and doing something else would do us good but we just choose to completely ignore the facts like we are somehow going to dodge the bullet that many people before us couldn’t it’s just part of human nature to consider ourselves better than the ones who came and left before us . In other words everyone knows that smoking or substance abuse could kill them sooner or later but still no one really seems to care and just ignores it until something serious really does happen. How stupid can we be?

    I believe that rather than waiting to make the same mistake others made before us and learning from it after suffering from negative consequences why not take a look at some facts from the past and learn from the mistakes that were made by people before us so we can avoid repeating them that way we won’t have to experience the same consequences win win situation.

    4. It’s not truly necessary to go to the gym in order to stay fit

    We have been brain fed ever since we hit puberty that in order to stay fit and in shape we need to join the gym. I myself shared the same belief until I was tired of trying to lift weight. I was always inspired with Arnold and wanted to build some muscles but little did I know that the way I was trying to achieve that was simply unethical. Would you believe that I have tried to go to the gym 7 times every year once from the age of 13 till 18. The last and the seventh time I had promised myself if it doesn’t work this time I quit and will assume it’s just not my thing. Once again after going for a month barely five days a week I was done and couldn’t bare with the cramps and body aches. I had lost all hope but two years ago I was reading this article from someone who is really smart and fit too. I’m thankful to that person because of what I learned from him . It made so much sense when he said that the reason more than eighty percent of us fail starting off with hardcore exercises at the gym from the very beginning is because our muscles are weak at first. I realised he was right and I was skinny and no matter what I did I didn’t lose or gain weight. He also said that for the first month try only stretches and that’s what I did started off with full body stretches and today it’s a whole year I have muscles and am quite close to having a six pack . After a month of stretching the same gym exercises were like a walk in the park not a single cramp. I can’t believe that now I enjoy going to the gym what seemed like a punishment before . I hope you get my point since it’s an important lesson and mistake most people make.

    5. Stop expecting from others

    The last but surely not the least important lesson I learnt in my twenties is to never keep expectations from just anyone who pretends to be close to you. Do you know that almost every person has been decieved or hurt by someone they knew. What I’m trying to say here is that if we stop and think for a second someone who we don’t know or care for can not even hurt us. Only the people in our life and the ones we choose to trust and expect from can hurt us. We give the keys to them ourselves so please before trusting or expecting from someone be a hundred percent sure that they are worth it because they will either take advantage of you or play with your feelings and one day sooner or later leave you hurting.

    Top 5 iPhone apps that will boost your productivity

    Hello beautiful people I’m back with another interesting article for you guys and before I start off with it I want to let you guys know that all the apps I’m going to mention in this post are not copied from any rating site infact the reason why I’m mentioning them here is because all of them helped me boost my own productivity and all that I say is from my personal experience in other words I strictly believe in giving honest reviews no matter what they’re about. If I’m letting my audience know that they are helpful and amazing apps I will very well make sure that I also mean it simply because I care for the time you invest in reading my content. Anyways I think I’ve made my point so let’s start with the first productivity app on my list

    1. G board by Google (free)

    G board is not just an ordinary keyboard infact it has proven to be a blessing for everyone who had to go through the hassle of typing long and lengthy paragraphs with their phones but this app by Google has made it so much easier and fun with it’s amazing features from which my favorite is glide typing which basically means that you can glide your finger from letter to letter and trust me when I say I can now write a 300 words article in just a few minutes which could have never been possible before Gboard came into my life. Well this was just one of the amazing features there are plenty more like Google search built in it and you can search anything from Google right from your keyboard no changing apps also hundreds of gifs and stickers and not to forget that it can be used mostly anywhere in the world due to it supporting almost a hundred different languages.

    2. Shortcuts (free)

    Shortcuts is an all time favorite app of many iPhone users including myself . You might be wondering what it is capable of well the name speaks for itself basically with this app you can combine multiple short tasks or actions from within your phone or other apps and from all of them create a single shortcut which will run them altogether for you for example if you want to turn on airplane mode, do not disturb and start a podcast at the same time after creating a shortcut you can do all this with just one tap and what’s even better is that shortcuts integrates with Siri aswell so you can initiate shortcuts simply using your own voice .

    3. Google Drive (free)

    How can any best productivity apps list be complete without Google drive in it? It’s like a external hard drive for all your photos, audios, videos and documents infact it’s even better because you don’t actually have to carry that drive around with you wherever you go since it is easily accessible through the internet no matter where you are in the world all your files will be safe and sound in this cloud drive . You don’t have to worry about losing anything you have in your phone or your computer because Google drive will always be by your side with all your back ups in it.

    4. True Caller (free)

    Number four on my list is the true caller app. I’m sure that alot of you guys must be really annoyed by the spam calls and text messages you receive everyday since they are a major reason behind alot of your time being wasted . I know that must be very crucial for your daily productivity but don’t you worry I got some good news for you and it is the true caller app. True caller will not only identify but also block all spam incoming calls and texts auto -matically. What’s even better is that the true caller app also provides you the option of copy pasting any unknown mobile or landline number which it will search against it’s directory of over 250 million users and instantly provide you with the name and other contact info of that specific number.

    5. Trello (free)

    The last but definitely not the least app on my list is Trello. Trello is basically a visual tool which helps you organise your work and personal life both. It can be a very beneficial tool for project management, users can break big projects down in smaller chunks by creating cards for each task then cards can be arranged into columns which can represent different phases of a project. As tasks are accomplished cards can easily be dragged from one column to the next making this whole process a very convenient and effective one for every user.

    What new features in the iPhone X make it a better option than iphone 8?

    Apple iPhone X

    Since Apple launched the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X at the same time I’m sure many of you are probably still confused whether you should just upgrade to an iPhone 8 and save some bucks or just get an iPhone X with your fingers crossed hoping that the myth about it is a lie and im sure you know about the word thats been on the streets for those who are not aware well there is a myth that both of these smart phones don’t have many differences and getting an iPhone X is probably a mistake but don’t you worry today in this article im going to speak from my own personal experience since I was myself stuck in making the same choice and after alot of advice I finally got myself the iPhone X since it was also obvious that if there was no difference at all why would Apple bother launching two separate models and honestly I also personally thought that X sounded a bit cool and now that I have used the new iPhone X for some time now I can most certainly help you with making your decision and before saying anything I would want to let you know that it was a big fat lie that there’s no difference in both the smartphones and I personally am so thankful to everyone who suggested me to get an iPhone X because it is an amazing phone now the question is what new features make it better than the iPhone 8 or any of the other previous models starting with the first one on my list and also one of my favorites

    1. Face recognition

    With the new iPhone X also comes the expansion of Apple’s Face ID and the ability to make your face your password. Face ID is incredibly advanced facial recognition biometrics. Just glance at the phone, and it unlocks. Trust me guys my life has gotten so much easier since the day i got the iphone X and was introduced to this amazing feature it doesnt matter whether you are driving or just out for a jog you domt have to hassle with putting the lock code every five minutes because just a glance at the screen and your iphone will automatically recognise your face and unlock instantly and the best part is that even if its night time or you are wearing your sunglasses it would still recognise your face and before you even know its already unlocked but dont worry no matter what another person except you does to try and unlock your iphone they would fail everytime i mean its simply flawless.

    2. Display

    Another major difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the display. The iPhone 8 has an LCD Retina display, which you may be familiar with from the earlier models . Retina display is a term developed by Apple to refer to a display that has such a high resolution and pixel density that a person can’t discern the individual pixels at a regular viewing distance. On the other hand the iPhone X uses completely new display technology with its stunning OLED display extending from edge to edge. OLED provides far better contrast than any other display and it also supports HDR video also the pixel density of the OLED display is so high that calling it Retina isn’t enough which is why Apple refers to it as “Super Retina” . When both the displays were compared the iPhone X emerges as the clear winner because its colours are rich, the text looks sharp and the black is so black that it’s truly mesmerising.

    3. Front Camera

    The iPhone 8 Plus has an improved version of the traditional FaceTime camera which is the same as the one that came with the earlier iPhones. It takes 7 megapixel photos and records 1080p video but on the other hand the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera other than providing all the features listed above it provides much more. The iPhone X is unlocked using Face ID which recognises the user’s face and the TrueDepth camera has special sensors to secure the facial recognition. A few examples of these are an infrared camera that sees you in the dark, a proximity sensor, a flood illuminator and a dot projector that helps make a 3D map of your face to make sure it’s you , not just a photo of you. The TrueDepth technology is located in the little notch at top of the iPhone X’s display and not only does it provide exceptional features for taking selfies it also supports Portrait mode photos and Portrait Lighting which only the rear camera was capable of in all earlier models of iPhone.

    4. Difference in image stabilisation Theres another minor difference in both iphones it is that the iphone x has dual optical image stabilization meaning it works on both of the rear lenses while on the other hand the iphone 8 has just optical image stabilization . I hope this article helps you in making the decision and if you ask me personally i would opt for the iphone x without thinking twice .

    5 reasons why we don’t end a friendship that’s toxic for us

    The internet is full of articles and stories related to friendships and how friends are a blessing and that we all have that one best friend we can do anything for and how you you have always been there for each other but the one thing that annoys me is the fact that everyone just wants to share only the good parts and not the negative aspects of it which is mostly the reality of friendships nowadays but no we just want to portray everything as if it was all just rainbows and butterflies. Let’s get back to our topic for today which is why do we keep going back to a friend who hurts our feelings everytime and deep inside we know they are toxic for us and I’m sure most of us have been through or is going through this but we don’t want to accept it and here im going to share with you five reasons why we don’t put an end to such friendships that are toxic for us

    1.You probably keep thinking that things are going to be different next time

    The chances are that sometimes you might have a good time with that toxic friend and in that moment you enjoy his or her company so when they have a major blow up or they put you down suddenly you shake it off thinking that maybe next time will be different and there’s a reason behind the way they behaved like that but let me tell you the problem with toxic friends , you are unable to communicate reasonably with them. Whereas you’d probably tell a friend, “Hey, that hurt my feelings” and they would apologize and you’d both move on but you can’t do that in a toxic friendship because your friend just won’t hear it maybe because they are a bully or because they can’t listen to criticism or just because they can’t simply have a conversation that’s not about them. At times you might assume that if you don’t discuss the situation with your toxic friend they would feel sorry for acting badly and would want to do better but this thinking of yours is flawed because it’s based on what you would do and it won’t change the behavior of others .

    2. Maybe that toxic friend of yours wasn’t always like this

    Sometimes what stops you from putting an end to such a friendship is because maybe that friend of yours wasn’t always this way and somewhere in your mind you think that something changed them into a toxic person or maybe you did something wrong and that you deserve such a behavior well that is not at all true and what I think is that at the beginning of your friendship they were nice to you because they probably had a motive behind it and that is why they became friends with you at the first place im sure if you think about it you will notice what was it that they wanted from you at the first place and I’m sure that is what changed their behavior once you find out the real reason maybe then you can stop blaming yourself and end that toxic friendship.

    3. You keep thinking you can change them

    Another reason could be that maybe you see yourself as some kind of a friendship warrior and that you are here to make all friendships great but you’re forgetting something very important here which is that no matter what you do and how much you try to change someone it won’t work until and unless they themself also want the same and allowing their negative behavior will only make them think that maybe it’s okay to treat you in such a way. What you need to do here is to be honest with them and tell them kindly that you won’t tolerate bad treatment and if they continue behaving poorly try giving them examples of when they behave that way with you and if they still don’t stop then you’re done . Just to let you know toxic people are notoriously bad at listening and it’s hard to have a genuine conversation about their behavior because they just don’t want to hear it and until they’re ready to listen you can’t help as simple as that.

    4. You don’t have alot of friends and are afraid to let go

    Another reason could be that sometimes you have a hard time making friends so you hang on to the toxic ones because you think it’s better than being alone . I accept that it’s hard to be lonely but filling up your life with toxic people doesn’t make you feel less lonely because loneliness can only be remedied by deep, meaningful connections with real friends. When you have a friend that understands you I promise you’ll feel less lonely and will value good friendships much more. If you’re lonely just focus on meeting more people and make an effort to form a new friendship with the people you have fun with, who treat you well and who encourage you rather than tear you down.

    5. Something from your past makes you think that negative and toxic behaviors are acceptable

    The most common reason why most people don’t end a toxic friendship that because of their own personal background that edges them toward acceptance of bad behavior. Maybe you also think this is what friendship is all about but trust me there is a big difference between someone who is just having a bad day and someone who consistently does negative things. The difference is that a genuine friend will feel bad after they hurt you and offer an apology. They’ll mess up from time to time but their intention is not to hurt. If you find that you’re consistently allowing toxic behavior into your friendships or even that all your friends seem to be of this negative nature, seek out a professional who can talk to you about dealing with the perceptions you carry from your past so you can start from the beginning and make healthy relationships with genuine friends this time and trust me there’s nothing wrong in taking the help that you need and always remember that youre not alone in this. You only live once and everyone deserves to have genuine people in their life who really do care for them. I hope this helps good luck for the future.

    Top 5 saddest realities about life

    Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you some harsh realities about our life that almost everyone is aware of but still not many people want to talk about because we want to stay stress free and happy in the moment but the bitter truth is that life is not all about rainbows and butterflies infact its more like a coin one side of it are the good times and the other side are the bad times and futher in this post im going to share with you guys according to me the top five saddest realities of life 

    1. Starting with the first one which is that most people who will promise to stay in your life and wont leave your side through thick and thin will leave you over a ripple so dont keep expectations from everyone who claims to be sincere because that would just lead to you being hurt sooner or later and only a few very rare people who actually care for you will stand by you when the time comes usually your blood relations

    2. Another sad reality about life is that even though all of us were constantly told not to compete with other people and their lives and that’s also what we teach our kids that they should focus on their own lives and journey but the bitter truth is that life itself is a constant competition and practically everything you do will, at some point, be evaluated and will place you in a certain role in society and no matter how much you try to ignore competition it will always be there for example if there is a decent, high-paying job that is somewhat close to where you live also has a lot of benefits and fits very well with you as a person the chances are that someone else also wants that job just like that if there is a decent university that specializes in your field, has a low tuition, and is close to your home, that you want to attend the chances are someone else also wants the same position just like that if you love a person and they are charming sweet and overall perfect for you and even if you hook up with them successfully still there will always be that someone else wanting to steal them from you and I know it’s sad but also inevitable. 

    3. The third sad reality about life is that we almost always fall in love with someone who doesnt love us back and I have always found this to be weird just until last year when it happened to me the same thing I blamed other people for and used to think that it was their own mistake but little did I know that someone like me who had always made sensible life choices would also fall for someone who doesnt have the same feelings for me but atleast now I can share the reason why that happens to us well its because of human nature do you guys know that if you like someone and you ask them out on a date and they say yes the first time or you know that they are a easy catch for you this will automatically make you think that you are somehow superior to them and can get them anytime you want whats weird is that the same person if gives you a hard time or doesnt like you back at all in that case you would take it on your self esteem and as a challenge and that is what makes us fall in love with them I know its stupid but its true we fall in love with the people who hurt us and dont like us in return.

    4. The fourth one on my list and one of the worse realities about life is that no matter what everyone tells you but the fact is that even before we are even born mostly our whole life ahead and our fate is already determined by factors that are not even in our control like kind of person you grow up to be whether you end up rich or poor. These factors continually shape you as a person, making you choose the decisions that you do. The same action done by two different people will have different outcomes in other words life is not fair when your life is shit, you can’t ‘fix’ everything just like that in spite of having free will. If we were truly free we would have no suffering for example The short, ugly boy born to short, ugly parents will never make it as a model, while his good looking peers easily could if they wanted to.

    5. The last but not the least harsh reality on my list is that no matter what we tell ourselves about money being not important than relations and that not everyone is the same and some people dont care about the money and are not gold diggers well I personally think thats bullshit because sooner or later every person in this world gets greedy and values money and financial value more than their own family its not a secret to the world that the earning member of the house is considered much more valuable in the eyes of their family compared to others and if youre going through a bad phase and arent able to fulfill their financial needs whether its your parents or your spouse none of them would respect you

    Top 5 useful psychology hacks that everyone must know about

    Psychological traits

    Hello everyone Im very excited today to be able to share these psychology tricks with you and the reason behind my excitement is that I’ve always loved psychology and it’s always great to find out some cool and important traits of the human mind and how it responds to certain situations. It’s amazing how every single human being in this world is different from one another and every now and then psychologists discover new behavioral patterns that are believed to be rooted in our childhood and can be applied to everyone and I hope these tricks are of help to you guys and make your life easier so let’s start with the first one on my list

    Couple psychology

    1. Do they like me?

    This trick is going to be useful for those of you who are not sure if someone you know likes you or not they could be a school or class fellow or maybe someone from your dance class or infact anyone from your life. Okay what you need to do is pretty simple just ask them for a small favor like if it’s your class fellow simply ask them if you could borrow a pen or pencil and the chances are that if they like you they will definitely let you borrow their pen or would do whatever favour you might have asked them to do and on the other hand if they don’t like you they won’t be willing to help you out either way you would know what you were looking for.

    2. First impression is the last impression

    I’m sure that at some point in life all of us have been in this position where we really like or are in love with someone but we can’t think of something to make that person like us back well if you’re in that situation and reading this you’re in luck since I’m going to tell you exactly what to do . Ask them out on a date and on your first date take them for a roller coaster ride in some amusement park or for a horror movie and this would most probably spike their adrenaline, and trick them into thinking they enjoy spending time with you but in reality it was probably the adrenaline high from the activity .

    3. The bigger favour

    There are times when we really need something from someone but we know there’s a chance that they might say no well this trick is going to help you in such a situation , what you need to do is ask that person for an even bigger favour than you were about to ask in the first place and when they say no then ask them for whatever you needed in the first place and chances are they would feel guilty of already saying no to the last favour you asked and say yes to this one for example if you need to borrow 50 dollars from someone ask them for a 100 first and when they say no then ask for 50 and they would most probably give you the 50.

    4. You’re not welcome

    The fourth trick on my list is very interesting and has proved to be really beneficial in many situations it’s that whenever you approach a group of people talking to each other pay close attention to their feet and if they turn their feet towards you it means that you are welcome to join the conversation with them and if they only turn their bodies or heads towards you it means they are not happy with you joining them.

    5. The choice trick

    The last trick on my list is going to be alot more beneficial for those people who have a hard time making their kids listen to them so the next time you want your kids to do something rather than giving them a command give them a choice for example if you want your toddler to drink their milk just simply ask them whether they want to drink milk in a feeder or a mug this would give them a sense of control over the situation and a higher chance of them listening to you.

    Top 5 lifestyle changes that will help you live longer

    Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you some very important lifestyle changes. If you make these changes you will definitely get healthier and will also improve your overall life. I know that because Ive tried this method myself and am speaking from my personal experience. Soon after you adjust these lifestyle habits in your daily routine you will start seeing the benefits.

    Healthy diet

    1. Healthy eating habits

    Starting with the first thing we need to focus on changing is our eating habits and the problem with this one is that most of us don’t even realise what we are doing wrong and that’s not entirely our fault because most of the modern food chains or companies are deceiving us by portraying unhealthy food as healthy and we need to be more aware of what we are eating and how it is affecting us and I’m not asking you to count every calorie or stop eating a certain food type what I’m suggesting is to keep the quality in mind and try to eat more of what is healthy for you and nourishing for your body . Another thing I want you to know is that it’s never too late even if you have gained some wait. You can easily lose all the extra weight by going on a keto diet which is one of the most famous and successful ways to lose weight. If you are wondering where you can get it from well don’t worry here’s the link to the ‘ Best kito diet plan ever.


    2. Exercise

    The second change which can have a huge positive impact on our life is to start exercising regularly and let me tell you something that most people do they relate exercise with going to the gym and when they are not able to cope up with the pressure of lifting heavy weights daily they also fail to build a long-term habit of exercise. Don’t make that mistake guys because gym is not the only solution you can always start small like I did by just adding a simple body weight workout or search for online yoga for beginners and taking one step at a time and seeing the magic happen for yourself when the positive results come after a while.


    3. Socialise More

    The third change that’s necessary for a longer life span is to be more social and try to maintain a healthy network of friends and family. Researchers report that maintaining healthy social networks can help you live up to 50% longer in fact, having as few as 3 social ties may decrease your risk of early death . Many studies also link healthy social networks to positive changes in heart, brain, hormonal and immune function, which may decrease the risk of chronic diseases and might also help you react less negatively to stress.

    Choose water instead of unhealthy beverages

    4. Staying hydrated

    The fourth change that can have a positive impact on our overall life is drinking more water regularly. We all know how important water is for our well being but still most of us don’t do much about improving our drinking habits. Water literally helps us with almost everything related to our overall health just to name a few benefits for example it helps us maintain our body fluids , weight loss , it helps boost our metabolism, cleanse our body of waste, acts as an appetite suppressant , refreshes our muscles , glows our skin and the list goes on so from now on drink more water and live a longer healthier life.


    5. Leave your comfort zones

    The last but not the least change we need to make is to get out of our house or comfort zone for atleast once every day. I’ve witnessed that many people don’t get out of their house or bed only unless they really have to and that’s something very harmful to our health because in that case our body gets deprived of fresh air and oxygen which is very important for us and not to forget the sun and all that vitamin d we miss while we are to lazy to get out from bed so from now on we need to promise ourselves to get out for atleast once everyday.