About Us

Mission Statement

Our basic purpose at thedailylearners.com is to help our readers learn something new and productive on a daily basis by providing them with strictly legit content which they could benefit from or at the very least is something that’s worth knowing and we personally think that niche based content is mostly aimed at maximizing profits but here at ‘The daily learners our priority is not cashing in or counting numbers because we believe in providing quality content and if someone is giving us the honor of reading our content then I think that’s the least we could do in return what we are trying to tell you here is that we aren’t gonna bore you with writing the same kind of topic/niche based articles infact we will do our best to cover everything that we think is worth sharing with our readers whether it’s related to lifestyle, health and fitness, technology , fashion, finance or any of the other categories that exist.

Our Story

Like every other business has a beginning story we have one too , thedailylearners.com was founded by a single person who is also currently the active CEO of this educational website basically where he comes from is a country which has an illiteracy rate of almost fifty percent which means almost half the population is uneducated and one day Ahmed saw a very young child laborer who was checking air pressure in the tires of different cars at a service station and that was the day he decided that he will create a website that will help not just his country infact anyone who will visit it will learn something beneficial and useful for his daily life and that way maybe just the struggle of a single person might be able to contribute in the fight against global illiteracy and he believes that even if just a single person benefits from his site his mission to make an impact will be accomplished .


Ceo of the daily learners
Mr Ahmed Shah

Our CEO Mr Ahmed Shah is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Pakistan and an inspiration for many since he started this website the daily learners all by himself not to forget his other professions he’s a social media influencer , a freelancer , a blogger and even a part time model and a great example for the youth of today that with the right amount of determination and hard work one can achieve anything in life.


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