5 signs that your guy is just playing around with you

Hello everyone , Today I’m writing this one for all the girls out there. I’m a guy which is why I know how most guys are. I’m not saying there are no good guys left in this world because that is a lie. There also no denying the fact that nowadays girls are much more loyal and sincere than guys. Well don’t worry because I know exactly how play boys act around the girl they are playing around with. I’m sharing this with you because I believe that every woman should be treated with the respect she deserves. So today I bring you the top five signs that your guy is not serious about you and if I help and save even one girl from getting hurt badly in the future I will believe that I accomplished my goal.

Heart break
Top 5 signs that your guy is not serious about you
1. If he hates the idea of taking it slow

The first and a very obvious sign that he’s a play boy is that he wouldn’t like the idea of taking things slow and by things I mean the relationship . A guy who genuinely loves you would not care about such petty things and would worry about the bigger picture. In other words even if you tell him you don’t want to kiss him until marriage trust me he would be happy to respect whatever your opinion is. Someone who gets mad at you for not letting him kiss you or sleep with you is a guaranteed asshole. Now you know what to do when you see this red flag or sign in the future.

2. If he doesn’t want to introduce you to his family and friends

This is another serious red flag and sign you want to look for in your guy in order to get an idea of him. Guys who are not planning to have a future with you would obviously not want you to meet his parents and even his close friends . You might be wondering why is that well it’s because most of their parents are not aware of the evil a**holes they are. They won’t want to ruin their fake image introducing someone they don’t even plan to marry I hope you got my point.

3. If he is always on the phone even when he’s supposed to give time to you

A guy who likes to play with your feelings would do anything to keep you from finding out about his real intentions. If your guy is very protective about his phone and doesn’t let you hold it even if you want to make an important call that means he has something to hide. Along with that if he’s always talking to someone on call and when you ask him he comes up with different excuses every time then you need to be careful. I’m sure he would do his best to keep his phone with him at all times but you have to find a reason to get your hands on it somehow. Only then you would be sure and have something to make him confess to what he’s been doing. Try to stay away from such guys whenever you come across them so they don’t get a chance to lure you in a relationship with them.

4. He doesn’t get jealous or even seem to care if you go out with a guy friend

I know it’s important to trust your partner if you want a healthy relationship. Listen up its not that we don’t trust you when you go out for shopping or dinner with your guy best friend . If a guy is jealous of you going out with a guy friend it’s not because he’s over protective but that he loves you alot. He just doesn’t trust that guy you’re going with. To be honest he can’t even stand the thought of the love of his life out with someone else. So if your guy doesn’t care at all about you going out with your guy friends it’s because he doesn’t care and is not serious about you.

5. If you catch him staring at other girls very often even when you’re around

A guy who is serious about you and having a future with you will be lost in your love and to him no one else would mean more than you . Someone who checks out other women when you are with him clearly shows that he has no respect for you. He will leave you for another woman the first chance they get . I would say you recognise his intentions and get done with the likes of him ASAP before he gets a chance to hurt you .

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Top 13 online earning websites to make some extra cash

Hello everyone, I’m pretty sure that all of us have had cash issues at some point in our lives. No matter how many times we say that money is not important to us at the end of the day it technically is. Even if you’re not a materialistic person you still need money to pay for your basic needs for eg your bills, food and other costs of living. Most of us try our best to earn extra cash for ourselves in every way possible and have multiple sources of income. Everyone needs money to survive and in order to have a good standard of living. That is exactly why in this post im going to share with you guys my list of the top 13 online earning websites to make some extra cash online.

Just so you guys know I have personally used all these websites to earn a good amount of cash for myself. I don’t believe in sharing content that is not legit and wasting the time of my readers. So without further ado let’s start off with the list.

Earn cash online

Best ptc websites

Ptc stands for paid to click websites. You can earn cash from these websites in a lot of ways. Some of those ways are viewing advertisements, doing micro tasks, answering surveys, referring others and downloading apps etc.

1. Neobux

Neobux is one of the most trusted and also a very reliable ptc website. You can join this website from anywhere in the world. It pays you for viewing ads, answering surveys, referring others, offerwalls and you can even rent referrals and earn from them. You can easily withdraw your balance through several different payment gateways including PayPal, Payza, Web money(Bitcoin etc) and more. You can easily register yourself on neobux by clicking this link Neobux .

2. Donkey Mails

Donkey mails is one of my favorite ptc websites because they have more ways to earn than any other ptc website. Some of the ways you could earn on this website are viewing ads, completing offers, signing up for other websites, answering surveys, referring others, recieving paid emails, offerwalls etc. They payout when you reach a minimum of 1 dollar through Payza, payeer, bitcoin, perfect money and more . You can register on donkey mails by clicking on this link Donkey mails .

3. Paidverts

Paidvert is quite different from other PTC sites. When you join Paidverts, you have a task to click 16 Bonus Ads Points (BAP)regularly till you click total 100 BAP Ads. You will be awarded the paid ads only after you click ads worth 100 BAP. The more BAPS you collect, the more you earn. What I really like about this site is that you can easily double even triple the balance in your account or your earnings by playing multiple fun games like black jack , rock paper scissor, poker and alot more. Other than that you can earn through offerwalls, referring others and all the ways you can earn from other ptc sites. Paidverts pay through different payment methods like Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfect money, Payza etc. You can join by clicking on this link Join Paidverts

Performing tasks online

Best freelancing websites

A freelancing website is a platform where freelancers and potential buyers are able to connect. These websites are very helpful for both freelancers and buyers in need of their services. Freelancers can sign up and create a profile/portfolio listing all their skills or the fields of work they specialise in. Then potential buyers go through these profiles and finalise a freelancer that is most suitable for their project and hires them for it.

4. Fiver

One of the most reputable and legit website that provides earning opportunities for freelancers is Fiver.com. I have personally earned a good amount of cash from Fiver by designing logos and business cards for businesses . You can list yourself for many different types of gigs depending on your area of expertise. Some of the skills in demand are writing, doing voice overs, designing and a lot more. They pay your earnings through payoneer, paypal etc .

5. Workana

Hundreds of new clients looking for freelancers post their projects on Workana every week. What steps do you need to take in order to be a successful freelancer on workana?

  • Create your profile Describe your skills and experience.
  • Find projects to work onBrowse through the available projects, assess their needs and send your proposals.
  • Boost your careerFind new clients and engage them. Build strong long-term relationships with them.

6. Upwork

After fiver on our list comes Upwork which is a legit freelancing site. It is also one of the best online earning websites in this list with a very good reputation. Upwork easily has more than ten million freelancers and around five million registered clients all over the world. If you are a good graphic designer, Architect, Industrial Designer, Product manufacturer , expert web developer or content creator and are struggling in a 9 to 5 job then Upwork is the best choice for you. They payout in many ways some of which are payoneer, check, PayPal and wire transfer.

Earn solving captchas

A captcha is what you have to fill in order to prove that you are not a robot. I’m sure you have also filled a captcha at some point since most of the websites use them in order to confirm you’re human. You might be wondering why would anyone pay to fill those? Well it turns out that huge companies don’t have the time to fill out hundreds of captchas they come across daily so they hire people to do that in exchange for cash.

7. 2 captcha

2 captcha is a data entry website where you can earn from anywhere in the world in exchange for typing captchas accurately. Captchas are those boxes where we have to either copy the words given or select certain images we are asked to in order to prove that we are not robots. I’m sure we are all familiar with captchas since they are commonly used in all kinds of websites nowadays. Wondering why they pay us for solving captchas well many people don’t have the time to solve them and are willing to pay in exchange of others solving them. Overall 2 captcha is a legit site but only one problem that their pay is kind of low 1 dollar for a thousand captchas seems unfair but better than nothing.

8. Protypers

Protypers is another amazing and a very well known captcha entry site . You have to work primarily on converting scanned documents from images-to-text for multiple institutions from all around the world. In order to sign up to earn from protypers just click this link and you will be redirected to their sign up page Sign up.

9. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is by far my favourite captcha solving website and their pay is also much higher than both the websites I mentioned previously. You also have the option of doing other data entry tasks and get more experienced and increase your earnings with time. Join kolotibablo here Sign up

Guy using laptop

Earn money doing micro jobs

I won’t recommend you this option if you’re looking for a full time income. It’s highly unlikely that you will get rich doing micro jobs. No doubt it is a great way to make beer money or a little extra cash for that weekend or night out you’ve been planning. Essentially, micro jobs are online tasks that can generally be completed in a few minutes and are very easy.

10. Micro Workers

Micro workers is the best available source or platform for people willing to earn money doing micro jobs. You don’t need any skills to perform these jobs since they are very easy and quick. These jobs usually consist of tasks like rate an iPhone or Android app or leave a review somewhere. I’ve personally earned around 50 $ maximum in a month on this site so don’t solely just depend on it. To join this site click Sign up.

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The best thing about this platform is that it’s owned by Amazon which is one of the most famous websites in the world . With Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) you can earn a good amount if you are dedicated and hardworking . It is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually. This could include anything from conducting simple data validation and research to more subjective tasks like survey participation, content moderation, and more. These two platforms that I have mentioned are the only ones I’ve earned from personally that is why I can’t mention other micro job websites.

More free online earning websites

These online earning websites are a bonus from me to you guys for taking out the time and reading my post.

12. Tee spring

If you’re a designer or have a passion for designing shirts this one is for you. Tee spring allows you to design their products without paying a single penny. They also give you your own store front where you can sell those designed products at a higher price . After you make sales they just take the initial cost of their products from you and the rest profit is yours. This is what I call an amazing opportunity to earn good money without spending a single penny from your own pocket .

Youtube logo

13. YouTube Partner Program

I’m pretty sure all of you know about YouTube after it’s the biggest video sharing platform in the world. What you might not know about it is that you can earn a very good income with it. You must be thinking how that is possible well just go to YouTube and sign up if you don’t already have an account.

With a free account you will also get your own Youtube channel where you can post informative and creative videos on any topic you like. You just have to make sure the people like watching your content. After you have around 4000 minutes of videos watched on your channel and at least 1k subscribers you can apply for the YouTube partner program . Soon after that you will be able to put Google Adsense ads on your videos and will earn every time someone views your video. I think it’s amazing that you don’t have to make any sales and will earn when people will view your videos .

My list of the top 13 online earning websites comes to an end and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and will benefit from it. Also if you have an interest in earning free bitcoins do check out my post on the top 5 websites to earn bitcoins for free http://www.thedailylearners.com/top-4-websites-to-earn-bitcoins-without-any-investment-online/

Written by: Ahmed Shah

Top 10 useful websites on the internet

Whenever there’s a discussion regarding the pros and cons of the internet everyone has their own different opinions.Mostly the older generation thinks that life used to be much better before the internet came into existence. On the other hand the younger generation of today totally disagrees to that. If you ask me I personally don’t disagree to the fact that there might be some disadvantages of the internet but trust me they are nothing compared to all the benefits it provides us with for eg easy access to information, thousands of useful websites etc

There’s no denying the fact that our lives are a lot more easier today just because the internet exists. There are all different kinds of websites on the internet but today I’m just going to share with you the ones that have proven to be very useful for me.

Useful websites

1. How stuff works

The first useful website on the list is also one of my personal favorites and is called how stuff works. It’s a source of unbiased, reliable and easy to understand explanations of how the world that we live in actually works.

2. Quora

I’m sure most of you are aware of Quora and how useful it is but for those who don’t know about it well it’s basically a place to share and gain knowledge. It is also a platform where people post questions and then get answers from all kinds of people on the internet. Some of those people are even professional and others are just random.

3. Chalk Street

Chalk Street has proven to be very helpful to me over the years. It is basically a very interesting website which provides you with a number of high quality and useful courses from some of the best teachers. They offer all kinds of courses whether you want to learn graphic designing, app development or just need to enhance your personal development skills. What I like the most about this platform is that they offer most of the courses to you for free and only some are paid .

4. TED

No list of useful websites can be complete without having TED in it.TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. TED is a media organisation that invites successful and inspiring people from all around the world to give talks which are also posted online for the whole world to see. The people who are invited talk about their lives, their success journey , the problems they faced to get where they are today etc. TED talks have inspired and helped alot of people around the world. If you still haven’t visited their website your’e missing out on alot so go and check them out.

5. Canva

If you are into graphic design then Canva is for you. It’s basically a website and online tool on which you can simply design t-shirts , ebook covers, FB covers, YouTube banners , blog graphics , business cards and alot more. The best part is that you can do all of this without spending a single penny isn’t it amazing?

6. Priv Note

Priv note is an amazingly useful website for anyone who wants to send someone a private message. No need to worry about the other person taking a screen shot or saving it to use it against you. Privnote lets you send a note to anyone you like and right after they read it will self destruct. This way there will be no proof that it ever existed , cool no? .

7. Two foods

This is the perfect website for you if you are diet conscious and live to eat healthy. This free online tool let’s you put the names of any two different types of food and click compare. It will instantly provide you with an accurate comparison between the two foods. That way you could easily figure out what will be a healthier choice to eat.

8. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website that offers you all types of beautiful and high quality images which you can instantly download and use for any of your projects. The best part about unsplash is that it’s totally free and also the best platform that contains tens of thousands of stock images.

9. What runs

What runs is also one of my personal favorites . If you guys also have a passion for creating websites or blogs you have to check it out. Have you ever visited a website that you simply love and wonder how it was built? Well don’t worry because what runs will exactly tell you that. You heard that right now you can discover the technologies that run any website with just a click of a button .

10. Is it normal

You probably didn’t know that this website even existed. Do you like to dip french fries in ice cream? Is it normal will help you understand whether your thoughts,feelings and urges are normal or weird and unique to you. You can ask all kinds of questions including embarrassing ones and wait for the community to weigh in their thoughts.

My list of the top 10 useful websites on the internet comes to an end and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up if you liked any of these websites.

Top 10 things that people do which are just not worth it

Hello everyone , I know that I haven’t been able to post anything for a whole week due to some personal reasons but good news is that I’m back with a very interesting article for you guys and I hope that you like it.

We are all human beings and none of us is perfect, what I’m trying to say here is that at the end of the day we all make honest mistakes but there’s a hell lot of difference between making a genuine mistake and doing something stupid or highly in-appropriate on purpose. What makes me sad is the fact that most of the people who chose to do such things are aware of the fact that it’s just not going to be worth it but they still choose to do it anyways. Today I bring you my list of the top 10 things that people do which are just not worth it and just so you know this list is strictly only based on my opinion so let’s start off with it shall we?

1. Arguing with a fool

The first thing that’s just not worth it on my list is arguing with a stupid person. Trust me guys this one I am speaking from my own experience and no matter what you say to them or how right you are they won’t even bother understanding your point it’s exactly like pissing into a fan.

2. Having regrets

A majority of people struggle with having regrets from the past and it’s also one of the biggest causes of stress. Life is too short for this bullshit and we all only live once so learn to accept your mistake, apologise and move forward.

3. Getting a divorce

I’ve personally witnessed many lives that are destroyed because of divorce. I’m not saying that you should stay in a toxic relationship all I’m trying to say here is that try to choose wisely at first so you don’t have to deal with it later on because then in most cases is too late and lives are destroyed specially the children that you have by then are the ones who are mostly affected by it.

4. Impressing others

Did you know that most of the people buy fancy things they can’t even afford just to impress the people who don’t even care. Don’t waste all that hard earned money over useless things and it’s much better to build wealth than just a temporary image.

5. Fighting with your loved ones

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to disagree with someone infact do it if you think you should and even argue with them when you think they are wrong or bring unreasonable but atleast learn to fight fair with them. Attack the problem and not each other so your love and relationship with them grows even more stronger.

6. Choosing a career just for the money

This one is a major problem with humans and a mistake that many people make until later on when they realise that they are stuck into a professional they don’t even like. Always choose a career path that you are passionate about because that way you will enjoy and earn at the same time and remember than your peace of mind is worth more than any amount of money.

7. Not ending relationships that you know are toxic for you

Whether it’s a friend or a life partner if the person is toxic for you and your life you should not even think twice before kicking them out of your life. There is nothing more important than your own peace of mind which toxic people will try to destroy every chance they get. You should know that such people won’t change just because you ask them to and you need to let go of them before it’s too late. Also do check out my post regarding the Top 5 reasons we don’t end a friendship that’s toxic for us

8. One sided love

One sided love is something that’s way too common nowadays than we think it is infact what I think is that there are more people who are in love with someone one sidedly than those who are getting love in return. I really don’t understand people pining over someone who isn’t interested in them. Don’t waste your time and trust me it’s not love you can’t be in love with someone you don’t know and you can’t know them unless you have been in a relationship with them. Also if they are not interested in you that clearly means they won’t ever fall in love with you so better move on than trying to force someone in being in love with you.

9. Complaining

This one I can speak from my personal experience since a couple years back I used to complain alot too but as I grew up I realised that it’s not worth it at all. If you think about it for a second no matter what it is you complaining about it won’t change anything infact it would make things worse since you would just be making yourself insufferable plus no body really cares so better have your tolerance level high .

10. Spending a fortune on marriages

I don’t get the mentality behind spending almost half of what you will ever earn in other words more than you can afford on a marriage and why just to show off? Trust me the people who love you won’t care whether you invite them to a five star reception or a normal one they would be there for you anyways and the ones who won’t come just because of that well those people should not matter to you anyways since they are not loyal to you just a bunch of materialistic ass holes. Another big reason you should not be spending a fortune on marriage is because I know two such people who did exactly the same and ended up getting divorced the next year you don’t want to end up like them crying over the money wasted on a wedding that didn’t even last .

So my list of the top 10 things that people do which are just not worth it comes to an end and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it if you did then do leave a big thumbs up and also share what you think is missing in my list in the comment section.

Pictures that speak louder than a thousand words

Hello everyone, Most of the pictures we come across daily have a cool caption to go along with or atleast a title to describe them but the pictures that I’m going to share with you guys today don’t need any of that. Every picture in this list speaks for itself and what’s even more interesting about them is the fact that they show us the reality of the world we live in today. It took me days to collect all of these from different parts of the internet just so I could share it with you guys so I really do hope that you like them.

P.S I don’t know about you guys but I got really emotional and sad when I looked at some of these pictures for the first time.

1. Perfect Disguise

Starting off with the first picture on my list which I’ve given the title perfect disguise. Both the title and the picture above gives out a huge hint to the message that’s hidden in this picture. It’s a disturbing reality of the world we live in today as you can see theres a girl who is trying to look happy and perfect in her Instagram feed but the real person that’s standing outside the picture is probably depressed and tired of trying to compete with everyone else like her and what’s even more sad is that it truly is how people are nowadays everyone is trying to compete with someone they think is somehow better than them and the real versions of these people are hidden deep inside them while the fake picture perfect ones are on display for the world to see.


2. In a world full of men be a gentleman

This picture is pretty amazing since it is a perfect example of how all of us are equal and being the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world can not change a person’s personality and it is always how someone is brought up that makes the difference. Two presidents of the same country just different times and you can clearly see which one of them is the gentleman.

3. We only miss someone when they are gone

This picture gave me goosebumps just because how this is what really is happening in our world in the present era. I don’t know what’s wrong with us human beings we don’t value the people that really matter to us when they are right infront of us craving for our attention and as soon as we realise that they are no longer with us or we have lost them all of a sudden we start mourning their loss but then it’s too late and all we are left with are regrets so better treat your loved ones right and tell them how much they mean to you while you still can.

4. Your manners represent your brought up

I really don’t think it’s necessary for me to explain what’s wrong with this picture because it’s pretty obvious. Just to be clear I didn’t choose to post this picture because men are sitting while a woman is standing in public transportation but because three healthy grown ass men are sitting while a pregnant lady is standing I mean how could anyone be that heartless.

5. True love is rare but it does exist

This one literally brought tears to my eyes and also restored my faith in true love. I feel very sad for the poor wife and specially that baby who lost his father before even getting a chance to know him. I salut the patience and strength of this woman I can’t even imagine living a life without someone I loved and recently got married to. God bless her and the husband’s soul.

Difference between guys and girls in love

In modern day we all believe and fight for gender equality but that doesn’t mean that men and women are the same. I personally believe in both the genders having equal rights but still there will always be alot of differences between men and women. I’m not just talking about the very obvious biological differences . What I mean is that they are different from each other in almost every other way. Today I’m just going to put light on all the ways they differ from one another when in love for example how they behave , show their feelings etc


Let’s start with guys first

1. He’s generous with his food

Everyone knows that guys love food and if you go out for lunch or dinner with a guy you better order something for yourself separately because guys hate sharing their food with others . What I’m trying to say is that if a guy gives you the last bite of his chocolate mousse cake or offers to switch something he ordered for himself with you just because you like what he got more that most certainly means that he loves and adores you which is why he is willing to give up his food for you.

2. He would stare at you alot

This is a common sign of attraction. If you find out that a guy is staring at you alot its most probably because he is in love with you and adores you alot. If he stares or looks in your eyes when you are having a conversation that means he is trying to engage in something called mutual gazing with you . You would also find them staring at you along with a smile on their face even when you are just doing something as random as tying your laces before a run.

3. He talks about getting married to you and introduces you to his family

Introducing someone with their family is definitely a huge deal when it comes to guys . If a guy really loves you he would make you meet his family without you even asking for it and would make you feel special infront of his loved ones. He would also talk about having a future with you and making you his wife more oftenly .

4. He would pamper himself with you

Would you normally see a guy waiting to wash the charchoal mask on his face ? The answer is no. In other words guys don’t like to pamper themselves but if a guy is in love with you and you ask him to be a part of your beauty routine he would gladly say yes even if that’s the last thing he wants to do . Guys in love would do anything to make their woman happy.

5. He would take a stand for you

Girls love it when their guy takes a stand for them and he would normally do something like that for you when he really loves you and feels the need to protect you. He won’t even bother asking you if you’re the one that’s wrong all he knows at that time is to protect you and take your side and a guy who loves you would be willing to stand against the whole world for you.

Moving on to girls

1. She would be willing to change herself for you

We all know that the most important thing to every girl out there is her style and she won’t change that for anyone but that is not true for a girl who is in love. A girl who loves you for real would be willing to change her hair cut, her dressing style, even her social circle and interests for you. Your opinion would matter the most to her even more then her own.

2. She won’t give importance to any other guy over you

This is my favorite quality that women have when they are in love. As soon as she falls in love with you all other men will suddenly become non existent for her. She would not even look at them when she is with you because as long as a woman is happy with the guy she loves she would only think about having a future with him and noone else.

3. She would allow you in her personal space

Anyone who knows even a little about psychology must be aware of the concept of personal space. It mostly means that she will let you use her personal things and this is the line beyond which a girl wouldn’t allow anyone to cross. If she lets you use her cell phone or even her social page it’s pretty obvious that she has feelings of love for you.

4. She would laugh at your jokes

If a girl is in love with you she would never do or say anything that even slightly upsets you. She would laugh at your lame jokes even when deep inside she knows it was horrible so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment. Never leave a girl who laughs at your silly jokes even when everyone else is not even smiling . She won’t care if others think both of you are weird in fact she would be glad you don’t have to face it all alone.

Top 4 websites to earn bitcoins without any investment online

What is Bitcoin?

I’m pretty sure that most of you already know about Bitcoin but for those of you who don’t let me explain it to you. Bitcoin is basically a crypto currency which was created back in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoti. It’s basically a de-centralized digital currency with no central bank or a single administrator. It has the same value like any other currency. It’s also completely virtual and can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin blockchain network without the need for intermediaries.

Bitcoins can also be exchanged for other currencies , different services, online trading and even for online shopping. Bitcoin prices were not that high when it first came in 2009 but recently in 2017 they sky rocketed and who ever had even small amounts of it became rich instantly.

Currently the price of one Bitcoin is 10,313 $ . Just imagine how amazing it is to be able to earn them for free but there’s one problem. You might be wondering where exactly can you earn bitcoins for free? Well that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you guys. Do you know that if you Google ‘earn bitcoins for free you will get alot of different results. You need to remember one thing that only a couple of websites from literally thousands of them actually give you real bitcoins. All the rest are scams so the good news is that if you’re reading this is youre in luck. I’m just about to mention those few legit websites so keep reading and thank me later guys.

The list of the very few legit websites that will actually give you bitcoins for free or in exchange for completing small tasks , filling out easy surveys , viewing ads or websites and even playing games .

1.Freebitcoin.com So the first website on my list is also my top favorite websites that actually give you real bitcoins. There are many ways to earn bitcoins on this site and the first one is a free roll that gives out different amounts of bitcoins depending on what number you get when you roll. You will find this on the home page when you scroll down just click the button that says roll and your done. After that you will see whatever you win adding up to your wallet.

Another way to double your bitcoins on this website is to go on the page that says multiply bitcoins and over there you can simply bet whatever amount you want from your previous winnings in your wallet and win or lose according to what number you get just read the rules for the betting game they are very simple. Then you have a lottery page where you can buy lottery tickets and win great prizes such as iPhones etc. You could also invest your earnings and they will pay you a specific percentage of interests on them everyday. Overall this is an amazing website and I have personally made many bitcoins from it . To join this website click on this link and it will take you to their page https://freebitco.in/?r=10795700

2. Crypto browser. The second website on my list is also an amazing source to make some free bitcoins for yourself. The best part about this website infact it’s not a website its basically a browser like Google chrome and Internet explorer but what’s amazing about it is that you just have to install it on your laptop or pc and while you are doing your everyday stuff online like searching on Google, Facebooking or whatever it is that you want to do this browser will be mining bitcoins for you in the back. Isn’t it amazing that you literally have to do nothing other than just open the browser and do whatever you want to on it while earning free bitcoins on the side. To check it out click on this link Cryptobrowser.com

3.Bit Clicks. The third website on my list is also one of my favorite ones and the most amount of bitcoins I’ve made are from this site. It’s called Claim Bits and it offers you multiple ways to earn bitcoins. You can earn by claiming from their faucet every 60 minutes , watching ads, completing some easy short tasks and jobs, offerwalls, mining and much more. If you’re interested in earning a good amount of bitcoins in short time this one is a must try and you can simply join by clicking on this link https://bitrop.com/?ref=5333

4.Click 4 bits. The fourth and the last website on my list is click4bits and it is also a very amazing site to earn free and unlimited amounts of bitcoin. They give you bitcoins when someone signs up through your referral link, by completing some jobs and short tasks, claiming from faucet, watching ads and alot more. This is one of those websites which have the most opportunities for earning bitcoins and you might get tired but the offers won’t end. To join click4bits click on this link and sign up https://click4bits.com/?ref=3453

As our list comes to an end I wanted to let you guys know that all these websites I listed were based on my own personal experience and I myself have earned different amounts of bitcoins through each one of these. I’m not saying that these are the only legit websites to earn free bitcoins online there might be a couple more I don’t know but I have tried and succeeded in earning from only these four and that is why I didn’t mention any other because providing strictly genuine websites to you guys in other words the ones that actually pay was my upmost priority .

There is another important thing that I thought I should let you know . How to withdraw the bitcoins that you will earn from these websites? There is something known as a Bitcoin wallet and there are several of those which you can find very easily online. After making a free account they will provide you with a wallet address which you will then put in the payment section of whatever site you want to withdraw from. The bitcoins will be in your wallet before you know it. The most popular wallet right now is coinbase just type it in Google and you will find it instantly. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you make loads of bitcoins with these websites.

Written by : Ahmed Shah

When youre in love with your best friend

Starting from the time when we are all just a bunch of small school going children till when we are full grown up adults we meet all kinds of different people. We even make a lot of friends along the way but with the pattern of time we learn that not everyone that claims to be our friend really is our friend. As we grow up many friends come and go but there’s this one true friend that has always been there for us right from the very beginning and either one of you could take a bullet or stand against the whole world for each other. That person is someone who has earned the right to be called our best friend, now some of us have a best friend of the same gender as us but most of the times they are of the opposite gender and usually they are the ones that prove to be better, more understanding and amazing friends. Imagine one day you find out that you have feelings for them and soon after that you realise you’re in love with your best friend. You keep your mouth shut since you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

Now this person who we call our best friend is the only person who has always been loyal to us and who we could depend on for anything. After all the years everything between you guys has been going pretty smoothly but then out of the blue there comes a day when they come up running to you and you could almost tell what they are going to say by the amount of excitement on their face. You’ve been feeling weird lately and even though you know they probably have some good news to share with you but you also have this unknown fear of something that you have not figured out yet. Your friend hugs you in excitement and like you expected they have some good news for you which for some odd reason you don’t have a good vibe about. Still you try your best to stay calm and listen to what they have to say and suddenly they tell you that they have found someone nice and have a date with them this weekend. You think that’s not a big deal and someday it was meant to happen and you tell them you’re happy for them even though it’s the opposite of that going on inside you. You take some time alone to think whatever that’s going on with you and what’s wrong all of a sudden. You think it must be something temporary like a phase of jealousy so you decide to give it some time but then you realise that you still feel exactly the same even after several days have passed . In that money you start thinking if you’re in love with your best friend and after alot of thinking you start accepting the fact that you really are in love with them and trust me guys if you are going through this it’s not something unusual infact it’s very common and happens alot .

What to do after confirming what you feel for them is real?

Now that you have made sure what you feel for them is real the first thing I suggest you should do is decide whether you should tell them everything that’s going on inside you or not? I personally think that if they are your best friend they would understand your feelings no matter how they feel ATM. Instead of being harsh on you they would explain their feelings to you very politely because we are all human beings and it’s not unusual or a very big deal if you fall for your best friend I mean who else would anyone want to be in love with other than someone who has always been there for you and also understands you better than anyone else

Let’s suppose if you tell them everything and be straight forward and honest with them what’s the best and the worst that could happen ? Well let me explain that to you starting with the first one which is also the best case scenario in this case

1) Best case scenario they also feel the same for you and you guys start dating and live happily ever after.

2) Second case scenario your best friend feels nothing like you do , gets confused in the heat of the moment which probably leads to you guys parting ways and a beautiful friendship coming to it’s end.

3) Third and last case scenario is they don’t feel the same way for you as you do for them . They politely listen to what you have to say but when you’re done they try to explain you that they don’t feel the same way but they also don’t want your friendship to end but after all that being back to normal gets kind of awkward.

After you’re done sharing your feelings with them next you should wait for their response or say on the matter. If they feel they way you do then I wish you a happy life together but what if they don’t feel the same way about you it’s simple you back off. What if they don’t feel the same way but still want to be friends well if that happens to me I would simply reject that offer because if I don’t it will be very harmful for my emotional well-being . I know you might think I’m being selfish but sometimes we all need to be like that for the sake of our own well crying. Also it would be very awkward for both of us or atleast for me and that way it would also be almost impossible for me to get them off my mind . If you keep on being friends and seeing each other regularly after knowing that they are not at all interested you would just be making things more difficult and complicated specially for your self. Trust me being friends and seeing someone you love make out with someone else is the worse feeling ever. So it’s better to go your own seperate ways and I’m sure they would understand where you’re coming from and would give you the space you need and deserve in order to get over that phase. I know it’s never easy but trust me it will pass . You just need to keep distance with them no matter what and ignore all the places where there is even the slightest chance of you crossing ways with them. Well this was everything I had to say on this matter and I hope it helps those of you going through this phase and for those of you who are not well it’s always good to be prepared for situations like these before hand because it’s not unusual that someday you find yourself in exactly the same situation. I wish you guys all the best for your future. Make the most out of it as long as you are here after all we all only live once.

Written by : Ahmed Shah

Top 5 reasons why most relationships fail nowadays ?

Hello everyone, Do you know that more than 70 percent of new relationships fail in the very first year? Today we are going to share with you the top 5 reasons why most relationships fail. So before starting off with my just I want you to know why I chose to write about this certain topic. The first time I realized how important and serious this is was last month as I was waiting to board a flight back to Pakistan at the Heathrow airport after spending an amazing summer with my cousins who live in London.

Not just this vacation but in fact all the times I had traveled abroad and explored different parts of the world it taught me many different things each time . What I loved the most was differentiating all kinds of people, nationalities, religions and traditions and then comparing them with each other and even with myself to see what differences and similarities we all had with one another.

So coming to the part when I was waiting to board my flight back to Pakistan. While there was still time left I kept thinking to myself how every single one of us is different from each other and have our own different stories and experiences to share. While I was lost in my thoughts something that I had never given a second thought popped up in my head and left me in surprise. I’ve almost traveled more than half the world and have met thousands of people with different personalities, identities and what not but I had never thought about this one thing that all of them and everyone I knew had in common and I’m sure most of you guys and everyone you know also has gone through it at some point in life. Yes I’m talking about getting our hearts broken that is something almost everyone over the age of hitting puberty has witnessed. In almost all the stories I’ve heard from people there’s a bad and a good partner in them even worse in some cases both the partners are confident that they were not the reason of the break up. I think either they are pretending to cover up their fuck ups or maybe they just really don’t know what they did was unacceptable and caused them to part ways. Do you know that 70 percent of all relationships end in the first year of dating and that’s the saddest thing I’ve found out lately. This is the reason I wanted to write about this topic so I could raise awareness of this issue even if that means in just a few people I would still be glad to do so . Now that you know why I chose to write about this let’s start with mentioning the top five most common reasons that cause most relationships to fail.

1- Understanding

The first reason on my list is also a very common reason behind a majority of relationships not being able to work out. Both men and women have this problem of understanding the needs of one another . Firstly they need to accept that no matter what they do there are always going to be gender differences and to have a healthy relationship they will have to understand the needs of their partner. Some of the most common things that both the genders fail to understand are


  • Men need sex to feel loved and women need to feel loved to have sex
  • Men need to play well to feel good in sports and women need to feel good to play well
  • Men need to feel respected and appreciated with words or gestures. Women need your actions to be backed up with word 

2– Love is blind

Some scientists at the University College London have shown us that love indeed is blind. They found out that feelings of love lead to a suppression of activity in the areas of the brain controlling critical thought . In other words once we feel close to a person, our brain decides that it’s not necessary to assess their character or personality too deeply and that is why most couples are all lovey dovey at the start of the relationship. The problem here is that this phase doesn’t last forever and after a couple of months or a year max the new relationship euphoria begins to wear off and the reality starts setting in and both the partners start seeing each other as they really are . Now if both of them had been honest with each other from the start or have not made a false first impression of themselves then they don’t have to worry about anything but that’s not the case most of the time and this becomes a major reason why many relationships fail.

3- Trust

  • Another very common reason why most relationships fail is the lack or loss of trust. It is one of the most harmful contagions to a couple’s long-term success and without trust, a relationship misses two of the key factors to a strong bond , safety and security. Trust issues could arise due to a number of reasons that may include jealousy, possessiveness, unreasonable rigidity, emotional infidelity, physical/sexual infidelity, relational game playing or lack of reliability. Most of the time the reason behind trust issues is not even true and something we have assumed ourself. I believe that’s someone who is having trust issues should honestly consider whether the lack of trust is based on tangible substance or unjustified fears.
  • 4- Lack of communication

  • Lack of communication in couples is considered to be one of the top reasons behind breakups and even divorce. The situation gets worse when one or both partners show contempt in the relationship Contempt is the opposite of respect and is often expressed via negative judgment, criticism, or sarcasm regarding the worth of an individual. The best solution to that is to talk to your partner and clear any mis understanding there is between you guys because not communicating with each other could make the situation worse and even lead to an end of the relationship.

  • 5- Immaturity and lack of commitment

The last but definitely not the least reason why most relationships fail is because either one or even both the partners are still immature. The best example of this are teenage relationships. Almost all teenage relationships fail because most of the high school going kids are in it for the fun specially the boys. They are the kind of people who are in it just for the relationship and not the person they are with in that relationship. These kind of relationship are bad for the person who actually is in love and really does care about their partner but little do they know that there is no future for them with that immature and selfish person.


Top 5 WTF facts of all times

Hello everyone , As I wasn’t able to post all day today I decided to write about a topic that I’m pretty sure will entertain you guys . It’s basically about some really strange and fun facts that most of us know as or call WTF facts and you already know what that means so please don’t ask. (P.S All the facts mentioned in this list are totally legit)

1) Immortals among us

The first one on my list actually freaks me out since I never knew about it just until last year when I confirmed from numerous reliable sources that it was true for real. Would you guys believe of someone tells you that being immortal is not only a thing in the movies . Yes that’s true that humans are mortal but it doesn’t mean everything else is too infact there are two of them that we have known about all our lives but didn’t know about this mystery. I’m taking about the jelly fish and the lobster both these sea creatures never die ofcourse unless they are killed on purpose.

2) Incredible brain

This one is truly one of my all time favorites since it’s always interesting to find out such facts about your own mind. What’s even more amazing is that after reading this one you will realize that the the human brain does not recognize a second ‘the’.

3) 6 lives

Do you guys know that myth we used to hear back in childhood days that there is someone in another part of the world and they are fully identical to you. Honestly I thought it was just a joke and people taking advantage of us being kids but no it’s actually true but instead of just one there are six other people to be accurate in some part of the world who like exactly the same as we do and there is a 9 percent chance that you will alreast meet or cross paths with one of them in your whole lifetime.

Poor cat thought only they are allowed to have multiple lives 😛

4. The ring finger

How many of you guys know about the secret behind our ring finger. I’m going to share with those who don’t know and those who did do comment saying been there done that. Anyways the ring finger also the fourth finger of your left hand is where we usually put on the rings at the time of engagement with our loved ones but why is that we choose that specific finger out of all? It’s because that is the only finger that has a vein connecting to our heart. I thought this was more cute than wtf kind.

5. Glasses at a museum

We all know that no WTF facts list is complete without a funny one in it and I honestly live to make others happy so here it is. Two teenagers once decided to put a pair of glasses as a prank at the San Francisco art museum and silly people started admiring the glasses thinking it was modern art, pondered it’s meaning and even took pictures of it.

I hope that my top 5 WTF facts list was fun to read and if you liked it do leave a big thumbs up and follow my blog. Thanks for reading.